Is Lamar Jackson Leaving the Baltimore Ravens?

Every year, there is always talk about whether or not certain players are getting ready to leave their teams and either become free agents or move to somewhere new. This year, this type of talk appears to be centered around Lamar Jackson – the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens. Is he set to leave, or is this nothing more than hearsay?

The Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have gone from strength to strength in recent years; Jackson has formed a key part of this success. Though they missed the 2021 playoffs, there is no denying that they are a powerful team that is capable of delivering results when needed.

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The Ravens are known as a team with a great defensive line, something they can fall back on and use to drive against their opponents extremely effectively. With the skill of players like Jackson, they have also helped to drive their offensive line to new successes ahead. Jackson has undoubtedly proved to be a massive asset to the team as a whole. While there must come a time for every player to move on with their career, is this the right moment for someone like Jackson?

Jackson’s Career

Lamar was selected by the Ravens in the 2018 NFL Draft, as the final first round pick. Within this, he became the youngest NFL quarterback to start in a playoff game following an injury for the Ravens’ usual starter Joe Flacco. Jackson was aged just 21 years old at the time.

As Jackson rose to prominence within the team and the wider NFL, the Ravens decided that they would take a new approach to offense that would better suit their rising star. The old strategies had been developed with Flacco in mind. Though they were ones that Jackson definitely could put into action, they were not optimized with him in mind. Those in charge of the Ravens therefore decided to create new strategies that would best complement his abilities – including potentially drafting players that would work well with Jackson’s playstyle.

These changes did serve him well, allowing him to prove how much of a powerhouse he is on the field. He played in the 2020 Pro Bowl, and was named the Most Valuable Player of both this match and the 2019 season overall. This last nomination made him the second player to receive this title following a unanimous vote, and the fourth African American quarterback to win this honor.

 Is Jackson Leaving?

With the team having done so much for him, it would be a slightly odd decision for Jackson to decide to pack up and leave. However, he would not be the first player to do so. Though some players are very comfortable spending time on one team, there are others who decide to see what else there is out there.

However, it would appear that Jackson is not one of them. In addition to the team shutting rumors where they can, Jackson himself has put out a statement to confirm that he has no intentions of leaving.

Where did this rumor start? It might be a little difficult to pinpoint precisely. Certainly, it is something that we see every year, so it was truly just a matter of time before we saw such rumors about Jackson. However, the man himself has put out a statement ending any speculation. He has no intentions of going anywhere, and so it will be down to the Ravens to continue doing precisely what they are already doing – making sure that he has all he needs to deliver the right performance as the quarterback. Jackson is only 25 and Flacco was still playing with the Ravens when he was over 30. For Jackson, he might still be at the very start of his association with the Baltimore team.