NFL Legacies: Terry Bradshaw

The NFL has seen a range of talented superstar players ever since the league first began. Players need to be agile, fast on their feet, strong, and powerful. It is difficult to reach the high standard for NFL players, which is why some professional players have been so universally celebrated. 

One of these individuals is Terry Bradshaw, who achieved a great deal during his college football career and within the NFL. This is a look into Bradshaw’s legacy, and how he impacted the NFL. Check out the latest NFL odds for more detail on up-and-coming players that are predicted to become Hall of Famers in the future. 

College Football Career

Firstly, Bradshaw played on the field behind the duck commander call as a college football player. By the time he enrolled in Louisiana Tech University, Bradshaw caused a significant amount of excitement as a football sensation from Shreveport. 

The young quarterback certainly lived up to expectations, as he went on to set most of the records for Louisiana Tech. By 1969, Bradshaw was ranked best in the NCAA. He led his team to a record of 9-2, and was considered one of the greatest passers in the history of college football at Louisiana Tech.  

Throughout his college career, Bradshaw maintained an impressive record for passing range, as well as rushing. He set career highs and college records for his athletic ability, and many said that his achievements seem effortless. These include total passing yards, touchdown passes, and rushing yards.  

Pittsburgh Steelers

It is no surprise that Bradshaw was the first overall pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 1970 draft. Following this, several teething problems caused concern regarding the starter’s lack of intelligence. Evidence for this came from erratic behavior on the field, and multiple interception throws. 

However, Bradshaw led the Steelers to eight AFC championships after a couple of years. Not only that, but he led the team to four Super Bowl titles. His throwing ability made him an essential addition to the Steelers. He allowed the team to loosen opposing defenses, and led to the famous “immaculate reception” pass in 1972. 

Despite missing out on the starting position during the following season, Bradshaw remained an essential part of the Steelers. This was seen by the player throwing 209 yards in Super Bowl X. His performance earned him NFL films’ recognition for the “Greatest Throw of All Time”. 

Bradshaw’s best performance with the Steelers is said to have occurred during the 1978 season. He led the league with 28 touchdown passes, and completed 207 passes for 2,915 yards. As a result, Bradshaw was named MVP and All-Pro that year. 

The highly impressive player was later known as the Tom Brady of his time, and he saw a huge amount of success during his career with the NFL. Being able to bounce back from injuries and an excellent football IQ certainly put Bradshaw in favor of the Steelers. 


It is no surprise that Bradshaw set a range of records on the football field. This has led to a wide selection of awards and recognition during his career. Following his success as a college football player, Bradshaw earned the Golden Plate Award  of the American Academy of Achievement in 1970. He was also inducted into Louisiana’s Sports Hall of Fame in 1988. 

As a result of his impressive performance and records within the Steelers, the franchise have unofficially retired number twelve. It is widely understood that no player will wear Bradshaw’s number again, even though it has not officially been retired. 

In addition to many MVP awards and NFL records being set during his career as a professional football player, Bradshaw was named Sports Illustrated Man of the Year in 1979. This was shared with Willie Stargell, but it is still a highly impressive achievement. 

Bradshaw was also inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1989, and went on to gain more awards and honors as a TV personality and sports broadcaster following his retirement from the NFL. 


Terry Bradshaw has seen an enormous amount of success from a young college football player. He has achieved huge things during his career in the NFL, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have honored him by unofficially retiring his number. 

In addition to many Hall of Fame inductions and MVP honors, Bradshaw has been celebrated as an asset for sports television. Even after his NFL retirement, this high achieving player is still being honored for his efforts.