NFL Profiles: Detroit Lions

Who Are The Detroit Lions? 

As the 2021-2022 football season comes to an end, we want to take a look back at all the teams in the NFL. One of the teams we often do not think of is the Detroit Lions. They have had a few bad seasons, but their play is just as key. 

Every team has their moment of glory as we have often seen, and the Lions have just been struck with some bad luck. We are certain that they will regain their ROAR soon enough. 

If you are looking at the Super Bowl betting odds, the chances of a Lions win is very low. However, they have plenty of history, and a few bad seasons have hit every team in the league. So, let’s take a look at the Lions, their history, and their 2021-2022 season. 

You never know, they may surprise us yet! 

The Lions have not had any Super Bowl championship titles, however, what they do have is 4 League Championships from before the 1970 merger. They also nailed 4 conference championships, all pre-merger, and have 4 division championships under their belt too, 3 of which are post-merger. 

They got a total of 21 playoff appearances, with their most recent being in 2011, 2014, and 2016. 

What Is Their History?

It’s no secret that the Lions had their time in the sun pre-merger. They seem to have had a string of bad luck since the 1970 merger, however, they have snagged themselves  3 divisional championships since then. 

The Lions were founded in 1930, back then known as the Spartans, they were moderately successful, and they played in the first ever playoff game in history, where they had a 9-0 loss to the Chicago Bears in the 1932 season. They were sold in 1934, when they relocated to Detroit. 

They started a tradition then, where they scheduled a game each Thanksgiving Day, featuring a Lions home game every year since, except during the second World War. 

They won their first championship in 1935. However, they struggled most of the 40s, but in the 50s they bounced back with their winning of the championship game in ‘52, and ‘53. They faced off the browns in ‘54 and the Browns defeated them, however, in ‘57 they faced off again, and the Lions took back their title. 

The 60s were less successful for them, providing a prolonged period of mediocre performance. Then in the 80s they managed to get to the postseason twice, in the 90s they lost the Championship to the Redskins, but made it to the playoffs four times between ‘92, and ‘97. 

In 2001, they hired a new general manager, however, he saw one of the worst ever stretches for an NFL team in history, they had an overall win-loss rating of 31-84. He was fired in the early stages of the 2008 season, which resulted in the Lions posting the first ever 0-16 rate in the history of the NFL. 

They never really bounced back though. They managed to get their first postseason appearance in 12 years in 2011, but never ended up making it back to success. 

It seems all the team really needs is a coach that can help them shine like they should. 

How Has Their 2021-2022 Season Gone?

Let’s talk about their 2021-2022 season now, though. They have not had a huge amount of luck since the merger, and their stats have not been the best in the past few decades. Surely they will turn things around soon? We can hope so. 

Sadly though, it won’t be this year. In the 2021-2022 season, the Lions posted 3-13-1 (win-loss-tied). Second worst in the league this season, with the only team with a lower score being the Jaguars who have 3-14. They posted only an 18.8% win rate this season. 

It isn’t looking like they’ll be getting any titles this year, maybe next year?