Nov 20, 2021; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Chris Olave (2) celebrates his touchdown during the first quarter against the Michigan State Spartans at Ohio Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Top 5 Wide Receiver Prospects That Everyone Needs To Know About

This year the NFL drafts are jam-packed with talent. Blame it on COVID holding back people from previous years, the amount of time each prospect has had to train as they stay at home, or the luck of the decade. Whatever the reason behind it, the wide receivers this season are stealing the show. 

Here are the top 5 you should be aware of.

1.  Chris Olave – Ohio State

The three most important traits a wide receiver must have are, quickness, continued speed, and dexterity. Olave has all of these ideal characteristics which makes him an amazing choice for any team.

When he was helping the top quarterbacks Justin Fields and C.K Stroud, Olave was always ready, reading their body language and quickly changing direction to match their goals. With the ball in hand, Olave can separate from the pack at unbelievable speeds. With Olave on a team, the NFL live odds will be watching where the wide receiver will be going.

So far in his college career, Olave has been part of the All-Big Ten’s third team in 2019, then leaped to the All-Big Ten’s first team in 2020 which he was asked to rejoin again in 2021.

With his prospects souring, Olave dropped out of the 2022 Rose Bowl, with the 2022 NFL Drafts in his sights instead.

2.  Garrett Wilson – Ohio State

Another player from Ohio State, Wilson is just as quick as Olave but he has the fastest hands and the smartest tactics. Wilson is a daring player too, deciding to make plays right after a catch.

We would understand if managers would put Wilson and Olave in a joint number one spot, as they are both highly desirable wide receivers. But in our eyes, Wilson is a more well-rounded player making him a fantastic option but a slightly less impressive wide receiver. But at this point, we are splitting hairs.

Unlike Olave, Wilson didn’t play in the All-Big Ten first team twice. He played in 2020 and was asked to join the All-Big Ten second team in 2021. The reason for the drop wasn’t explained, but we suspect that Olave was dominating the first team, which meant Wilson didn’t need to play as hard. 

To show off his talents and help the team win in other matches, he was strategically placed in the second team. This is just a theory, but it would’ve allowed both boys to play at top form.

3.  Jameson Williams – Alabama

Moving to the Southeastern Conference, we have Williams who is widely considered the best wide receiver in his area. He has been owning the number one spot since his first season when Williams was named the Special Teams Player of the Week.

Williams started his college career at Ohio State but moved to Alabama to allow room for his skills. We can see that Ohio is getting crowded with talent, and this move allowed Williams to shine brighter than before.

In the move, his new threat became John Metchie, but it seems like the threat was all talk and no play. Williams has been showing better technical skills and big-play ability, meaning he has instinct and control in his wheelhouse.

Although Williams has shown amazing promise, he did suffer a knee injury. He is currently predicted to recover and start playing after this season starts, but not too deep into the rounds.

If he can recover quicker, Williams should be high up the drafting list. 

4.  Drake London – USC

London has a massive hand radius, which means that he creates smooth and seamless catches. His quickness is one to watch out for, as the large man should be slow when you look at the numbers, but he is nimble as well as stocky. 

Many people are putting London high up on the prospect list. But although he is a red zone threat similar to Mike Evans, London is all power, not all speed. The smaller frames of Williams, Wilson, and Olave are more well-rounded for the wide receiver role.

To use London well, the potential teams need to focus on his offensive abilities. London was named the Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year in 2021, the same year he played for the All-Pac-12’s first team.

5.  Jahan Dotson – Penn State

Unlike the others, Dotson is a vertical threat. His main skill is to find open pockets and speed through the field without making major cuts.

Finding open space and reaching it while the space remains free is an important skill for a wide receiver to accomplish, and it is one that Dotson does as easily as breathing. This is a skill that many people overlook.

Dotson also has a knack for being able to catch a ball that should have slipped from his grasp. Fingers like magnets, if Dotson can touch the ball, he can catch the ball.

In his career so far Dotson has played in the All-Big Ten through the third team in 2020 and the first team in 2021.


All 5 of these wide receivers are amazing players. Each possesses speed, quickness, and strategy. However, depending on the teams and managers, it’s unclear which will be picked first.